This website is an index related to all service providers of Medical Tourism in Israel, you will find information and links to doctors, private hospitals, and other tourist services, Help you to get treatment in Israel, without charging fees to companies that provide "medical tourism packages in Israel".
This way you can choose the doctor or hospital  will provide you with the treatment, you can choose your own hotel let you stay in Israel during the stay and make it independent Order No booking fees.
Israel is one of the five most developed countries on medical tourism in the world, but it is also quite expensive due to its high level of service, the purpose of this website is to also help you choose the best care and get it while saving costs.


Medical tourism is a concept that is becoming very popular in quite a number of countries, it seems to cure applicants who come to Israel are non-Western countries, but countries serious character, but it is not necessarily so. Medical Tourism in Israel also comes from Western countries, such as Germany and the U.S.A and more.

There is a few reason that medical tourism is popular in Israel, first of all, the price, then the there is the quality of doctors and than, a certain diseases that have natural solution for them.

 arrival in Israel is relatively easy and cheap from Europe, some treatments significantly cheaper than other places, for example, infertility treatment in United States can cost ten thousands dollars, in Israel approximately $ 3,500.

Quality Doctors:
 or more accurately lack of trust in doctors in some countries and poor quality medicine, however Israeli doctors have more experience in certain areas such as trauma and orthopedics due to the many wars Israel has experienced over the years. Moreover, Israeli science is groundbreaking advanced in many areas, such as treatment for infertility, diabetes, surgery and bone marrow
, and more.

Natural causes :
It's less popular than before, but still the Dead Sea is considered a national treasure medical healing miracles, lots of tourism clinics come to be healed by the lowest place on earth, which is the Dead Sea. Usually to the Dead Sea arrives mainly patients with skin diseases.

Diseases or the main reasons for medical tourism in Israel:

Infertility Treatment 

So as we said before, one of the main reason is for infertility treatment. Infertility treatment for infertility phenomenon, the solution is to increase the provision of certain medications or create oocytes and oocyte retrieval and IVF. Medical tourism in Israel on this issue is one of the largest in the world, surprisingly or not, many women from Germany come here for this purpose. It is Relatively cheap and the rate of success is large.

Cardiac Surgery

One of the most popular treatment in medical tourism in Israel are Heart – breast Surgery , artery bypass surgery, valve replacement, transplants, open heart surgery, which is carried out using a machine that pumps the blood, externalizing it and returns it. The most popular one is no doubt Bypass surgery. Israeli doctors do not stop studying and explore and move forward on the subject, besides medical tourism, the Israeli doctors (Because of their abilities  ) flown to the end of the world to give treatments for those who needs.


Metabolic disease, which has a high concentration of blood and urine Glucose, also called sweet urine. Common drug for this disease is insulin, a hormone that controls the level of "nutrients" in the blood, keeping the blood sugar production. Diabetes is an epidemic is worsening. Israel have learned to slow down the disease and significantly reduce the mortality rate from the disease. From the early nineties started awareness among the Israeli Doctors and medical teams and started preventive activities. Activities which proved to be very effective.

Seborrhoeic dermatitis

Seborrhoeic is a skin disease, chronic inflammation usually caused by an overactive sebaceous gland. Mainly effect the face, head, causing skin rash, redness, itching. Relatively high percentage of people sick with this disease. Solution preparations, sulfur, And of course materials that the Dead Sea offers.


Autoimmune disease, the immune system cells which lose their power and attack the immune cells themselves instead to attack foreign bodies. It is a chronic disease in which skin cells are replaced themselves and changes the configuration of the skin. The main factors for the disease are Digestive Problems, stress, liver functions and Genes, the dead sea in Israel is a great factor for medical tourism to that disease as well.


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