Adult Medicine

The secret behind Israel's adult medical treatment success lies in its ability to provide personal health packages based on medical and paramedical research, bio-engineering capabilities and applied science expertise. The combination of these world-renown specialties offered at the country's state-of-the-are facilities make Israel the prime medical tourism destination.

Israel's short and turbulent history, climate and modernity have all sped its advance towards medical excellence. Israel's short history has been filled with warfare and this unfortunate state of affairs has caused Israel to find the most effective rehabilitative solutions in the aftermath. The warm climate has also birthed solutions to weather-related illness.

Moreover, Israel is the only modern country established in the past 100 years and thus has the most modern and up-to-date medical infrastructures. This coupled with on-going research and the application of this research to improve upon patients' comfort-levels and recovery rates have placed Israel in a leading position in the medical field.

Through research and development Israel has touched virtually every field of medicine and the continuous desire to strive for medical excellence has yielded health-altering and life-saving innovations; greatly contributing to worldwide treatment discoveries and solutions.

In addition to Israel's unique medical advancements, receiving treatment in Israel means attaining the most effective, quality treatment at the fairest costs. For instance, bypass surgery in Israel costs 1/4 of the price for the same procedure in the United States and bone marrow transplants are more than 50% more cost-effective in Israel than in the US.

Cross-categorical medical innovations


Israeli research laboratories have discovered a method to deliver a drug resistance gene into bone marrow tissue. They have also reached breakthroughs in potential bone marrow cell protection during intensive cancer treatment which yields to the resistance of anti-cancer drugs oftentimes given to chemotherapy patients. In addition, a non-invasive, FDA-approved method for breast cancer testing without a biopsy has also been developed.


Israeli medical device companies work on urological apparatuses leading to higher success rates in fighting related diseases. These include urology catheters and medical retention devices for endurologists who prevent stone migration to the kidney during ureteroscopy procedures, thereby minimizing procedure invasiveness, lowering patient risk factors and shortening procedure time. These simplify ureteroscopic procedures and reduce overall procedural costs.


Israel treats cardiology patients in the most effective manner and has improved upon several customary stages of this treatment. From the development of a cardiac device to open arteries, treatment for cardiology usually involves the invasion of devices in the body. Israeli clinical and engineering experts have produced one of the most important cardiological devices of recent years, the "NIR®" stent, a device that could radically reduce the need for coronary bypass surgery.


Israel's gynecological advancements have lead to the ability to detect vaginal infections including Bacterial Vaginosis, the most prevalent women's vaginal infection in 60 seconds. Israeli technology has found a way to connect internal tissue without surgery and a gynecological device for pelvic organ prolapse repair.


Israel has endured an innumerable amount of warfare and terror attacks leading to military and civilian casualties. This reality has led to a desire for effective reparative solutions to the injuries, serving as the impetus for finding answers to orthopedic ailments. Israel is also world-renown for developing joint defect treatments and has played a leading role in testing biological methods for repairing early damage to knee cartilage, as well as refining time-honored techniques for repairing damaged joints.


Israel’s medical centers are renowned for excellence in surgery, with minimally invasive approaches. For instance, the country's aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery techniques used inIsrael have been adopted by doctors all over the world. Moreover,Israel has countless, new laser applications in medicine including corrective eye surgery.

Rehabilitative Medicine

Israeli medical centers believe that the key to rehabilitation is found in restoring the disordered organism functions and not covering the pain with painkillers which oftentimes grant a temporary solution.

Whatever your medical need,Israelhas the innovative approach to finding your medical solution with the fewest invasive procedures and the highest success rates at the most competitive costs.

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