1. What is medical tourism?
2. Why go to Israel for medical care?
4. What procedures are available in Israel?
5. Can someone accompany me?
6. What are the cost savings for medical tourists in Israel?
7. What are the hospitals like in Israel?
8. What accommodations are available for medical tourists and their families in Israel?
9. How will I communicate with medical professionals?
10. What is the currency in Israel?
11. How does it work?
12. What documentation do I need in order to enter Israel?
13. Is there any correspondence with the surgeon prior to travel?
14. Do I have to tell my doctor that I am receiving treatment in Israel?
15. Do I decide where and in which hospital my procedure will take place?
16. How realistic is the "vacation" part of the trip?
17. Is there any follow-up care once I return home?
18. What if complications arise after I return home?


Today, medical tourism is the global answer to the international communities' all-inclusive health needs. It is the calming knowledge that even if a medical solution to your problem does not exist in your country, an accessible solution does exist somewhere. Practically every type of medical care, including health-related and cosmetic surgery, cancer treatment, joint replacement, dental care, psychiatry, alternative treatments, convalescent care and burial services are obtainable.




Israel is a popular medical tourism destination primarily as a result of its international reputation for high quality healthcare and state-of-the-art medical facilities. It is one of the world's main medical leaders and is the most cost-effective of the top options. The country is also number one in health-related innovations. Israeli-invented medical devices have practically contributed to all areas of medicine.

Why Choose Israel?


ISRAMEDIX is a leading medical portal in israel everything you need to make your medical travel comfortable and as stress-free as possible – from travel and accommodation, to medical appointments and leisure – from the moment you leave home to the moment you arrive back, healthy and happy. Let us take care of the details so you can concentrate on your recovery. ISRAMEDIX provides personal, tailored care suited to your needs and individual circumstances and at the highest possible standards.


Nearly every kind of treatment is possible in Israel. From cancer diagnosis and treatment, cardiovascular surgery (bypass surgery, valve replacement, and heart transplants), orthopedics (hip replacement, knee replacement, and spinal work), cosmetic surgery, preventative medicine and pediatrics, Israel offers it all. In addition, patients seeking treatments such as fertility and in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures, and weight loss (such as bariatric surgeries) will also find the best possible treatments in Israel.


Definitely. We at ISRAMEDIX advise you to bring someone along with you on your medical visit to Israel and do the utmost to insure that those who accompany you are fully attended to during your stay in Israel. We take care of all accommodations from flight tickets to hotel rooms, car rentals, cellular phones and trained medical translators who speak all languages, and have received the best and most professional training to relay all information from the medical staff.


The cost savings for medical tourists are enormous and thus, are one of the factors in seeking treatment in Israel. It is important to note that the cost for each individual varies according to your specific needs and requirements. Israel– offers foreign visitors the best healthcare available in any Western country, at costs approximately 65 percent lower than in the United States. For instance, elective procedures such as knee replacements on average, are 40%-60% cheaper than the cost in the US, IVF treatments are 68%-70% more economical, heart bypass procedures are 73%-83% cheaper, bone marrow transplants are between 53%-58% more cost effective, cataract surgery is 30%-33% less than in the US and a complete liposuction is 50% - 53% cheaper in Israel.


The Israeli Ministry of Health invests heavily in the country's medical infrastructure. The country's healthcare facilities are the foundation of the medical infrastructure and health system Extensive medical research is conducted within their confines in participation with the various medical schools and top physicians and medical staff are employed at these facilities to provide you with the best, holistic treatments.


All types and levels of accommodations are offered in Israel. From comfortable and cost-effective options to the most exclusive, your needs will be met.

Flights Most major international airlines operate scheduled flights to Israel. For instance, there are six direct flights from Israel to Moscow on a daily basis and the flight duration is about three and a half hours. There are seven flights to London every day and the flight time is four and a half hours. There are four direct flights to Bucharest a day and the flights are two and a half hours long. In addition there are numerous, daily indirect flights to all destinations For a complete and updated list please visit the Israeli Airport Authority website at: http://www.iaa.gov.il/Rashat/en-US/Rashot

Hotels in Israel You can enjoy accommodations at international, four and five-star hotels or at economy or three-star hotels, Bed and Breakfasts and at short-term and long-term rented apartments. Hotel rooms start at $150 and can reach $500 or more per night and prices are usually higher during holiday and high season. It is recommended to consult with the ISRAMEDIX staff prior to booking your accommodations in Israel, as we are familiar with the best solutions for our patients and have agreements with various hotels.

Transportation ISRAMEDIX's Ground Transportation Services and our dedicated staff provide you with exceptional, comfortable and luxurious transportation options from the moment you land and until the moment you check-in for your return flights. This includes all ground transportation throughout your stay in Israel, granting you the necessary peace of mind as you travel to your medical appointments and enjoy the country's endless sites.


ISRAMEDIX offers trained medical translators, who speak the language of your choice, to accompany you to all your medical appointments. Most doctors and medical staff are fluent in English, as 85% of the country speaks English. Russian is the country's most widely spoken non-official language after English. 20% of Israelis are fluent in Russian after mass immigration from the USSR and its successor states throughout the past decades. Moreover, it is estimated that there are more than 500,000 Romanian-speakers in Israel, making it the second most prevalent foreign language in the country. Israel is a conglomeration of cultures and religions and countless languages are heard in the streets. Thus, we at ISRAMEDIX will gladly provide you with a representative who will remain by your side throughout your trip.

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The currency in Israel is the New Israeli Shekel (Shekel). For further information regarding exchange rates please visit the following site:


ISRAMEDIX offers the best, most professional and most honest medical tourism services at the fairest possible prices. We have already thought of it all, so leave the worrying to us. All you have to do is follow five easy steps listed on our guidelines page.

Your first step towards a healthy life


We at ISRAMEDIX will assist you in coordinating your special travel documents such as Medical Visa’s or special travel approvals and provide you with all the information you need prior to your travels. Please note that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the day you enter Israel.


Prior to receiving a cost proposal for your treatment plan, the medical records you send us via e-mail will be transferred directly to your Israeli physician/surgeon/specialist who will be treating you upon your arrival. Your doctor will provide you with treatment options and notify you regarding the necessary diagnostic tests that must be conducted in order to attain a final assessment. All of this will occur even before you step foot on your flight to Israel. Moreover, if you have any inquiries regarding your treatment, surgery or medication recommended to you by your Israeli physician, please feel free to write or call us at ISRAMEDIX.


It is always best to notify your General Practitioner regarding your intention to fly to Israel for medical treatment. In addition, If you feel the need to coordinate a conversation between your GP and ISRAMEDIX's in-house doctor, we will assist you with this upon request.


Partially. Because our company takes pride in promising the best and most effective treatment by the country's top specialists, we try avoiding directing our patients to a specific medical establishment. The hospitals in Israel all have the highest treatment standards and are all supervised by the Ministry of Health. This means that the most important factor when treating our patients is the specialist and not the hospital. That being said, you will have the option to request a private hospital and we will do the utmost to be flexible and coordinate your treatments and specialists at your place of choice.


We want you to enjoy your stay in Israel and to take advantage of the wonderful sites and leisure activities. However, traveling the country depends on your individual medical condition. Please consult with us regarding the possibility to travel and we will assist you with all aspects of your trip.


After you have returned home we will maintain contact, to ensure that all loose ends are tied and that your physician has received all required documentation for your ongoing treatment. We will also maintain contact to remind you of any follow-up treatment or consultation you may require.


ISRAMEDIX is with you the entire way. We make sure to follow-up with you following your arrival back in your country of origin. In rare cases of complications, we will be on hand to handle your communication with you Israeli physician, surgeon or specialist. Your health is our number one priority and we will do everything we can to coordinate further meetings with doctors or second opinions if necessary.

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