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  • diagnosis upon arrival in Israel and a precise timeline and price.
  • you can also book your flights, accommodation and medical transport, as well as any sightseeing tours + anything else you require for a smooth landing in Israel all by the website!
  • You are met at the airport by a chauffeur and taken directly to your accommodation.
  • The following day you will be brought to ISRAMEDIX offices to meet with our in-house Dr. and finalize administrative matters.
  • You undergo all necessary diagnostic procedures – We will arrange all required appointments.
  • The diagnostic results are transferred to the specialist who provides a final diagnosis and presents all treatment options.
  • You meet with you specialist (together with your medical escort who will serve as a translator)
  • Together with your specialist, choose the best treatment option.
  • We will arrange all required appointments for treatment
  • Undergo treatment accompanied at all times by your medical escort
  • Treatment ENDS.
  • Meet with your specialist to ensure the desired results were achieved and receive recommendations for continued treatment at home, if required.
  • We ensure you have received all necessary services and finalize your bill for payment.
  • In accordance with Israeli legislation you will be provided with all original documents which we will translate into your native language or English.
  • You return home in good health.
  • We remain in contact to ensure your condition remains sound, and if necessary will remind you of further diagnostic procedures required.
  • In case the diagnostic results should be returned to the specialist for follow-up, we will forward and translate documentation between you and your Specialist.

Additional notes:

  1. The initial medical diagnosis will be provided based on the available medical documents. Neither the company nor the specialists commit to offering a diagnosis based on documents that are not produced in Israel. The diagnosis can change according to the patient's diagnostic results.
  2. The price for the Diagnostic Stage is set and valid for a 30 day period.
  3. Treatment rates provided are an estimate. Final prices will be provided after diagnosis and prior to the start of treatment.

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