Why Choose Israel

 Israel is a popular medical tourism destination primarily as a result of its international reputation for high quality healthcare and state-of-the-art medical facilities. It is one of the world's main medical leaders and is the most cost-effective of the top options. The country is also number one in health-related innovations. Israeli-invented medical devices have practically contributed to all areas of medicine.

Israel's medical tech and biotech industries are the most advanced in the world. Moreover, the winning collaboration of medical research institutions and industry, has bridged the gap between basic and applied science; making it easier for novel technologies to arrive at your doctor's doorstep. The most up-to-date research and development extracted from the country's universities and research institutes coupled with the rapid progress made by medical manufacturers has proven unequivocal success.

Geographically, Israel's area is approximately 8,000 square miles which allows for easy access to the various world-renowned medical facilities in no time. It takes approximately six hours to drive the entire country and the distance between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv for instance, is only one hour. Therefore, if treatment is needed by more than one expert, travel time is short and comfortable. Israel is also a large tourist destination, offering an array of religious and historical sites, cultural richness and relaxing resort areas and all within a small proximity.

Israel has three main medical tourism options. The first is treatment offered directly by the country's various medical institutions. Another, is through agents who refer patients to hospitals providing care for particular medical requests. The last and most encompassing alternative is medical tourism companies that create tailor-made medical tourism packages which envelop the patient and aim to provide the easiest and most comfortable medical experience.

Aside from the comprehensive medical treatment received by all patients coming to Israel, the country's medical tourism field offers a long line of accompanying assistance. From transportation to and from examinations, pharmaceutical services, car and phone rentals to medical translators in your language of choice, accommodations for your loved ones and sightseeing packages, Israeli medical tourism covers all fronts.

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